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FPS Game, Coming Soon!

2007-08-05 08:43:29 by Neo-13

Currently, I'm working on a sort of Time Crisis style game (FPS) with Snare
He's doing the scritping and I'm doing the art and animation - should be a fun and original game since we are using different viewpoints for movement and putting in some minigames such as bomb defuse minigames etc.

- Neo-13

Edit: Idea scrapped ages ago. :0


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2007-08-07 16:11:22

Right, and your submission was great!
Sure your animations are good, I'm waiting to see the series!

(Updated ) Neo-13 responds:

:D, nice to be apreciated.


2007-09-13 15:22:44

Your Tutorial is very good, and the animations too...
Finally learned GUIDE moves.. hehe Thanks

Neo-13 responds:

Glad to be of assistance ;D


2007-12-14 11:44:26

Cool I'm working on geting high and if you like a good joke view my user page.


2008-06-21 18:30:08

I used to love time crisis. Looking forward to it.

Neo-13 responds:

It's been put on hold for ages, but it's starting up again now. I've animated almost all the guns and a few enemy movements. Just getting together a basic engine, then go from there. ;)


2008-08-30 07:08:36



2009-05-12 13:57:04

i thought fps = frames per second lol

fore-play strategy? XD

Neo-13 responds:

First Person Shooter...

*raises eyebrow*